Classic Stainless Steel Dog Tags

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Classic Stainless Steel Dog Tags

ID tag is a must for your pup! 


This classic dog tag made of long-lasting stainless steel can be custom engraved on both sides.
With our pet ID tag you can personalize with the pets name and phone number if requested.
Each tag is custom engraved with several lines of text to keep your dog properly identified.


The permanent diamond point engraving is clear to read on an attractive and polished tag. The engraving is clear, deep, permanent, and attractive on a polished mirror-finish surface.

Silent dog tag

If you’re worried about dog tag flying off or you can’t stand the jingle of the traditional dog tag, you’ll love these stainless steel pet tags. Besides, our metallic stainless steel tags will also glisten with style.

Great identification for your dog

When it comes to long-lasting durability our 100% stainless steel pet tags hold up to the most active dog.
Far stronger than aluminum tags and less prone to wear, stainless steel lasts longer and is unlikely to wear thin and break like aluminum tags. 

Split Ring included

The tags slip-on directly to your dog’s collar, allowing them to remain securely (and silently) in place.

Comfortable pet tags

These tags are also designed to be comfortable for your canine, as they are specially curved so that they won’t dig into your pup’s neck during use. 

Make sure that your little friend can always get home safe.

Showing all 5 results